Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I just want to thank Billy for his video contributions on this video. Everytime you see a nice clear shot with no steam or water on the lens, thats a shot Billy took, and I am sure you will all agree add something special to the video.

I enjoyed editing and the making of this video so much, so many fond memories. I really like the contrast between this and the last group run which was the "Swift half". The idea of mixing it up and doing a competitive style run like the "swift half" and a social style run like "the dream inspires" is fantastic, so on that note the next run may be a PR :-)

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

More photos of those crazy Oxford runners!

Dark, muddy, raining and cold... not the perfect race, but the warmth and laughs - the shared adversity, made Steve Chopper's Oxford Spires race a winner! Here's a link to photos taken by Billy (and a CD of videos is on its way to Master Video Czar, Phil).

The JET Fusion lab was really cool too.

Thanks Steve Chopper!

flikr link

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Photos from the 2009 WWFoR

There are already a few photos posted from the event on Sunday.

I'll update this post with links as I find out where folks have posted their pictures online:

Welcome to the Euro Run-Net Striders Blog

Following our hugely successful World Wide Festival of Races event in Oxford, I thought it might be nice to form a little online community for the folks who want to stay in touch & be involved in future events we might put together.

So, I've put this blog together as a starting point. We can use this to publicise any events we have coming up, or need to know about.

There's also a Google Groups mail list that we can all subscribe to, so that we can keep in touch via email. You can apply for membership here.